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January 10, 2012

An Introduction

Hello there, internet.

I’m HistoryGirlandFilm and we’re going to have a long a fruitful relationship.  I hope.

Let’s start with my blog name and what it means.  I hope it tells you that my main focus is history, not film.  There are millions of blogs out there about film and I wanted to put a little wedge between film and myself.  I do not have any formal education in film.  None.  I have taken two classes at a state school that involved film, one of them was focused on adaptation from literature and the other was focused on filmic representation of the World Wars.  Neither class was focused on the art of film making.

The biggest education I have received in terms of film was actually making one in 2008.  I was one of the two leads in a small independent feature filmed in Western MA.   I learned more in those two weeks about how film making actually works than I think I could have at my crappy state college.

What my education has focused on, however, is history.  I am quite close to getting my BA in history with a minor in political science.  I am pre-law and my main focus has been American history, but I do have a background in English history, Japanese history, French History, and the World Wars with a smattering of African history and South American thrown in there too.

So, with that in mind I don’t feel qualified to talk about film in the usual critical fashion.  The papers I wrote for my World Wars in Film class have been the best writing I have ever done and I think that is because it blended my two biggest loves.  If only I could incorporate craft beer we would have all the bases covered!

I want to begin this blog with some classic movies, so my first real history/film entry is going to be about the politics in Casablanca, a topic I do not think is discussed enough.

Personally, I am 28 and I live just north of Boston with my boyfriend and the cutest cat in the world.  I am a waitress at a pretty awesome cafe/bar and I drive a pink moped instead of a car.  I will graduate in December 2012, after 10 grueling years working my ass off to pay for college.  I am not sure what comes after college, but it will probably be graduate school and some sort of job working for a political office.  The dream job would be as some sort of historical accuracy checker on movies/tv shows, but I am trying to be realistic.

And, yes, I seriously have the cutest cat in the world.